Title of Event:
# 256 Brain and Concussion Rehabilitation: Custom Treatment Plans Tailored to the Brain Injury Survivor

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Scott Boston

Motivations, Inc.

Date(s) of Event:
June 1-2, 2019

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This course will cover the most up to date research in neuroplasticity and connect it to rehabilitation techniques. Only recently have neuroscience research techniques allowed investigation into brain rehabilitation. Through these tools we are gaining valuable insight into motor control and cognition, and how function is recovered after neurological insult. Our skilled therapeutic interventions can be fine-tuned to drive the processes that enable the brain to repair itself. This course will combine the latest evidence in neuroplasticity, motor control and physiology in order to identify and sequence a custom treatment plan tailored to the brain injury survivor. Hands on lab sessions will further facilitate proper examination and treatment interventions designed to engage the survivor and promote a rehab program that translates to daily life. Finally, case scenarios will be incorporated to pair clinical reasoning to situations that are encountered in the clinical setting.