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Stephanie McAdams


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Friday, March 8, 2019

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William and Ida Friday Center, 100 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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Presented by: UNC Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology,UNC Hospital’s Rehabilitation Therapy Department,UNC Hospital’s Nutrition Department

Description: Food, Function, and Feeding: A Collaborative Approach to Pediatric Feeding Difficulties takes education to a new level with presentations that will maximize the knowledge base and skill set of physicians, nurses, therapists, case managers, and other allied healthcare professionals involved in the care of children with complex feeding disorders. This conference will address medical, psychosocial, and rehabilitation issues experienced by children with feeding difficulties and will focus on ways to maximize their medical and functional status. Expert faculty will discuss relevant topics to allow participants to broaden their knowledge base and improve patient care.

Objectives: Describe interdisciplinary approach to children with feeding difficulties, including medical, nutritional, motor, and behavioral assessment and treatment. Describe pertinent history taking and medical interventions for children with feeding difficulties. Identify different types and rationale for use of special formulas in children with feeding difficulties.Assess oral-motor pattern and function and recommend safe diet where child will be successful.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Sherri Shubin Cohen is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Center and Program Director of the Nutrition Fellowship at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  She has been at CHOP since 2004.  She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania.  She received her medical degree from the Temple University School of Medicine.  She completed a residency in Pediatrics at the University of Maryland and a residency in General Preventive Medicine, including receiving a Master in Public Health, from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health. Suzanne Thoyre, RN, PhD is a Professor of the School of Nursing. She has an extensive background as a neonatal nurse and her research and continuing education activities focus on helping nurses and families partner more effectively with infants and young children as they learn how to eat. Her nursing research and clinical interests are in the area of development, taking both a physiological and behavioral approach to understanding the feeding problems of preterm infants. She is a founding member of the Feeding Flock.

UNC Feeding Team: Maureen Kelly, MSN, CPNP, Victoria Powell (Tori), MSN, CPNP, Kristen Cole, MSN, CPNP Kristen (Krisi) Brackett MS SLP-CCC, Sarah Studley, MS, SLP-CCC, Kelly Brower, RD, LDN, CSP Sharon Wallace, RD, CSP, LDN,  Kerry Gibson, RD, LDN, CNSC.

Make check payable to UNC Hospital’s Rehabilitation Therapies . All checks must be received by 3/7/2019. Mail To: UNC Hospitals Rehabilitation Therapies Department, Attn: Stephanie McAdams, NC Memorial Hospital, Campus Box # 7200101 Manning Drive, Room W1000 Chapel Hill, NC 27514. To register 


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