Member Highlights

Member Highlights

We will periodically feature a NCOTA member from around the state on this page.


Meet Rebekah Jarrett, OTS our January 2018 Member Highlight!


Rebekah Jarrett currently resides in Winston-Salem, NC and attends Winston-Salem State University {WSSU), where she  is currently  enrolled in the Masters OT Program (MSOT) and anticipating graduation  later this year.

  Rebekah is involved in several Occupational Therapy associations.  For the past 2 years, her association involvement has been with the AOTA and WSSU SOTA - where she serves as the RAMSOTA, Social Chair.  Most recently, she joined the NCOTA and has been a member for a little over a year.  Rebekah joined the NCOTA because she "believes it is important to be current in occupational therapy information, legislation, and resources within the state one plans to practice in.  I not only attend school in NC, but plan to practice here as well.  I want to strive to be an involved practitioner in any way possible because I think that makes for a good therapist.  By understanding current events at the local level, I'll be able to better advocate for my clients."

As a student, "the NCOTA provides several opportunities for learning, networking, and volunteering.  I was fortunate enough to volunteer at the NCOTA Fall Conference and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  The NCOTA also provides scholarship opportunities for students and allows insight on current news and discussion within the association."

When asked to share any memorable/life changing events, Rebekah was glad to share the following.  "Thus far, I would have to say my most memorable experiences within the program would be those from fieldwork. Fieldwork gives students the chance to apply what has been learned in the class.  I love having the chance to interact and really experience how much OT can impact someone's life. Each fieldwork opportunity has been filled with memorable moments, all of which bring such happiness and reiterate to me that I have chosen the right profession!"

"One experience that stands out to me was my fieldwork at a rescue center for men struggling with substance abuse.  I was working with a client on exploring leisure pursuits that did not involve alcohol and/or drug use since he was under the influence when performing any occupation for the majority of his life.  The client also experienced depression and really did not believe that he could follow through with this life change.  After several weeks, my time there had come to an end. The client mentioned that he enjoyed biking, was interested in taking that leisure activity up again.  A few months later, a classmate called me and was beyond excited to inform me that they saw this client biking downtown.  She explained that the client had lost weight, looked healthy, and appeared happy.  This brought so much joy in that the client had made such progress and continued to follow through as planned. Simply knowing that I had the opportunity to be apart of his recovery process and that he was doing good, made my heart very happy."


"I have been interested in rehabilitation since high school.  I was a cheerleader all through school and was in and out of rehabilitation for various injuries along the way.  What really brought me to OT was how client-centered this profession is. The old saying, "you can't make someone do something they don't want to do" is so true...but think about how far we can get with someone by incorporating the thing they WANT and NEED to do. Client-centeredness is so appreciated and above all, most important!  I also really love how broad OT is. I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of OT, which makes it difficult as a student to decide which I love most. It never ceases to amaze me the number of settings OT can be apart of and I think that speaks volumes.  Everything we do and every activity we are involved is considered an occupation, so I feel that the sky is the limit.  The possibilities with OT are endless, and I want to be apart of making a difference in our profession!

                                                                                          THAT'S WHY I'M AN OTS!!!!


Meet our November 2017 Member Highlight

Yolanda Ortiz, COTA/L, CYT

"My Oma (German for grandmother) is the reason I chose OT.  Ultimately I wanted to keep people out of nursing homes.  But since graduating and entering the field, it has morphed into something bigger.  I strive to be an advocate for the frail and vulnerable, to keep people active, healthy and well, to engage people in meaningful activities that bring them light and joy and to facilitate greater health literacy to empower those I encounter as a COTA and a fitness instructor.” 


Meet our June 2017 Member Highlight

Staci Carter, COTA/L

"This is when I realized that there are many children that needed a voice and I wanted to be that voice. A voice to those that are often unable to express the help they need or the abilities they can achieve."

Meet our May 2017 NCOTA Member Highlight


"In that moment, I knew that this was my calling."

     Meet our March 2017 NCOTA Member Highlight
     Amber L. Ward, MS, OTR/L, BCPR, ATP/SMS  

Why Occupational Therapy?      “What else??  It’s the most amazingly flexible career with decent job options, fulfillment and you can still make a reasonable income.” 

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