Fall Conference 2021 is live! 

October 15-17, 2021

New Bern Riverfront Convention Center

New Bern, NC

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Conference at-a-glance

Conference Brochure-Detailed

COVID-19 Waiver 

Conference Registration Rates

In-Person at New Bern 

Member 3-Day: OT $235
Member 3-Day OTA $220
Member 2-Day: OT $215
Member 2-Day: OTA $200
Member 1-Day: OT $125
Member 1-Day: OTA $110
Non-member 3-Day: OT $260
Non-member 3-Day OTA $245
Non-member 2-Day: OT $240
Non-member 2-Day: OTA $225
Non-member 1-Day: OT $150
Non-member 1-Day: OTA $135
Student: OT $15
Student OTA $10


Virtual Platform; Pre-Recorded Sessions

Member: OT $75
Member: OTA $70
Non-member: OT $90
Non-member OTA $85
Student: OT $15
Student: OTA $10


Courses included in Virtual All-Access Pass

Session 1     Re-Introducing Occupational Therapy Services in North Carolina Community Mental Health

Session 2     OT Role in Development of Interprofessional Telehealth Curriculum

Session 3     Long COVID-19:  An Occupational Therapy Practitioner's Role

Session 4     A Stroke Competency Program for Acute Allied Health Processionals Practicing in Stroke Rehabilitation

Session 5     Reasonable Modifications on Fieldwork:  Legal and Practical Steps to Inclusion

Session 6     A Story of Success - Promoting a Program to Boost Diversity in OT